Fee Structure


ONE TIME FEE: (For New Admission Only)  For Std. LKG-V For Std. VI-VIII For Std. IX -X  For Std XI-XII
1.  Prospectus & Registration Fee Rs.500.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.500.00
2. Admission Fee Rs5000.00 Rs5000.00 Rs5000.00 Rs8000.00
3. Caution Money (Refundable) Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00
Total : Rs. 7500.00 Rs. 7500.00 Rs.7500.00 Rs.10.500.00
ANNUAL FEE : (To be paid by all students)
4. Session Fee Rs.3000.00 Rs3000.00 Rs.8000.00 Rs.10000.00
5. Pupil Activity Fee Rs.1000.00 Rs.1000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.3000.00
6. Examination Fee Rs.1500.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00
7. Building Fund Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.5000.00
8. Maintenance/ Establishment Fee Rs.2000.00 Rs.2000.00 Rs.3000.00 Rs.5000.00
9. Smart Class Fee Rs.1000.00 Rs.1000.00 Rs.1000.00 Rs.1500.00
Total : Rs.10500.00 Rs.11000.00 Rs.18000.00 Rs.26,500.00
10. Tuition Fee L.K.G./U.K.G. Rs900.00 ------- ------- --------
    Class I - II Rs.1000.00 ------- ------- --------
    Class III - V Rs.1100.00 ------- ------- --------
    Class VI - VIII -------- Rs1350.00 ------- --------
    Class IX - X -------- ------- Rs.1450.00 -------
    Class XI - XII -------- ------ ------ Rs.1650.00
11. Computer Fee Class I _ VIII Rs.100.00 ------ ------ -------
12. Lab & Practical Fee Class VI - XII ------- Rs.50.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.150.00
(Per Subject)
13 Addl. Subject Fee (Per Subject) ------ ------ Rs.200.00 Rs.200.00

* The monthly fee must be paid between 10th to 20th of every month. After 20th late fine Rs.10/- per day subjected to Rs.200 per month will be charged.
* T.C. fee (equivalent to one month Tuition Fee) will be charged for issuance of Transfer Cerificate (T.C.).
* T.C. application should be given one month in advance. Any application received after beginning of the session, Full fee (Annual Fee) and Tuition Fee upto the month of T.C. applied will be charged.
* NOTE: Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.